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Moon Money® Million
Million dollar bill

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Million dollar bill

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You're Worth A Million!

How does it feel to be a millionaire? These crisp, new million dollar bills will train you to be open and receptive to creating more wealth and prosperity in your life. Put them all over the house - the refrigerator door, bathroom mirror, with your Moon Money® silver coin and Prosperity objects.

  • Gifts! Pass them out to friends, customers and business associates. . .
    They will certainly remember YOU!
  • Keep in view to set their intentions for creating more personal wealth
  • Use as a bookmark (laminated one) when reading the The One Minute Millionaire
  • Enclose with a birthday card, graduation, holiday, New Year
  • Fun to carry -- fun to give
  • Free! with every order of Moon Money®
$1.00 each
or get it laminated
$2.50 each
Note: Million Dollar Bills look like real money, but are strictly for entertainment.
The United States Government has never printed a Million Dollar Bill.