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Moon Calendar June 2024

Moon dates and times are in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) using the 24 hour clock. Effects of the Moon changes can be experienced within three days of the actual New or Full Moon date.

Check back each month for the current New and Full Moon dates, or refer to your Moon Money card insert. You might wish to copy these dates to your personal planner, or just print this calendar and post it on the fridge!


Moon Money® Suggestions

When you begin using Moon Money®, LOG EVERYTHING EXTRA that comes to you each day. I have a special calendar for that purpose, and look forward with great expectancy to the surprises I will receive. The results are often very subtle, and could go unnoticed, except for the feeling that goes with it--a nurturing, caring feeling, like "a gift from a friend."

I handle Moon Money® with respect and gratitude, and keep it visible throughout the month. Allow Moon Money® to work for you in your home and business!

Moon Money® Tips

As I collect tips for abundance and prosperity, I will share them with you. One tip I learned about recently is based on Feng Shui, the ancient art of placement, used by the Chinese for over 6,000 years. Always keep your purse off the floor, as it is said that your money will "walk away."

In Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) it is believed that our homes have life-force, or Chi. Does it ever seem like money leaves you as soon as you get it? Drains represent an exit for the Chi, so it is advised to keep toilet seat lids down and all drains stopped when not in use. A flat, inexpensive, plastic disc is sold at hardware stores to cover shower drains and hard-to-fit drains like the kitchen sink. You might enjoy reading books on Feng Shui to learn how to locate the "wealth corner" of your home or business.

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